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20% of staff see an uninspiring working environment as a hindrance to creativity. The office set-up remains a critical success factor, even in the case of flexible working practices.

Office Analytics, Fraunhofer IAO, 2018

The working environment in the LEO Business Campus Stuttgart can be set up in different ways. Staff have the opportunity to choose surroundings with different functions. Quiet areas can be made available for concentrated laptop work, communication zones serve to promote informal discussion and the campus plaza and spacious roof terraces are great places to hold outdoor meetings.

The workforce’s requirement for a sustainable feeling of well-being, intelligently networked technological solutions and feeling of space are combined here in the LEO Business Campus Stuttgart – this is where people are happy to work! This is a great advantage for companies looking to attract the best talent ahead of the competition.

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Office environments
in LEO Business Campus Stuttgart

Future-oriented, intelligent technology is a matter of course here in every detail: chilled ceilings and air conditioning technology with individual room control and the external, electrically controllable sun protection system ensure a comfortable indoor climate at all times of the year.

Thanks to generously dimensioned window areas, depending on the orientation, the view extends over the vineyards, the green Rosenstein Park or the silhouette of the Stuttgart TV tower.


01 Efficient floor layouts
02 Spacious roof terraces with far-reaching views
03 Plaza floors with direct access to the courtyard
04 Clear ceiling heights of 3.00 m in office areas
05 Flexible room occupancy thanks to 1.35 m fit-out grid
06 Comfortable climate via cooling ceilings
07 Externally-mounted electrically-controlled sun blinds
08 Flexible floor lamp concept
09 High-specification tea kitchens in every rental unit
10 Hard-wearing floor coverings in all office areas
11 House L 4 lifts (3 service cores), House O 2 lifts (1 service core)



Agility is part of the New Work concept, promoting quick decision-making processes and fewer levels of hierarchy.

Brain food or wellness food describes natural and healthy light snacks which support fitness, concentration and well-being.

New Work is intended to offer new ways of releasing creativity and individual personality. The focus is on participation in the community and self-determined behaviour. Globalisation and digitalisation allow for temporal, spatial and organisational flexibility which ensures that Office 4.0 is up to the ever-changing requirements in terms of workspace and corporate structures.

Electricity (e-mobility) is a key element of the changeover to climate-friendly sustainable transport based on renewable energies. The relevant modes of transport are electric cars, battery-powered buses and electric motor bikes, trains, HGVs and bicycles.

Holacracy is the transparency of design – hence optimisation – of decision-making processes by pro-active participation in large companies or complex networks.

Connectivity describes the level of electronic networking of people, companies and states. It represents a new milestone in the evolution of society: our lives are being fundamentally changed by digital communication technologies, and each person can make their presence felt across the entire world. This results in new socio-cultural values, lifestyles and types of behaviour.

A work-life blending is the amalgamation of professional and private lives, whereby personal and working environments are no longer distinctly separate. Examples are completing work assignments in the evenings or meeting with colleagues during leisure time.

The War for talent is the battle between companies to attract the best talent. When staff are in short supply, companies must make every effort to attract applications from the best candidates - one example is the creation of a positive and creative working climate. The design of the workspaces is a very important factor in this.


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